Customizable NDIS Services

Community Access

We support our participants to be able to travel, including going to appointments, attending events within the community, or gathering with family and friends. We provide transportation and support worker to help participants to stay involved within the community. We want our participants to live an active lifestyle..

Household Tasks

We are glad to assist and ease the daily routines of our special individuals at home by assisting them with their morning and evening routines, meal preparations, laundry as well as other everyday activities.

Community nursing care

Our registered and qualified nurses are knowledgeable and constantly up to date with medical issues that require professional attention at home. Our assistance towards our special individuals includes medication management, monitoring and providing special assistance during their hospitalizations. Let us know your needs and consents from your doctors to assist you with the right care plan.

Assist – travel / transport

Travelling around and searching for public transport may be uncomfortable or impossible for people with disability. At Flexible Nursing Agency, we care for our special individual’s safety by supporting their travel goals so that they can become more mobile and independent in life.

Assist – personal activities

We offer personal assistance to our special individuals such as paying bills and budgeting, personal care, adapting a new skill, joining a community club or programs to improve their everyday life.

High intensity – assist personal activities

Our highly skilled and experienced workers deliver a 1:1 support towards our special individuals to manage challenging behaviours and continuous high medical support such as respiratory support, bowel care, unstable seizure activity and more.

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